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Pilar Vera, a sure value who excels every year

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News Simof 2010
Había muchas expectativas puestas en el primer desfile profesional de SIMOF2010, y es que por primera vez la veterana Pilar Vera, una de las diseñadoras más admiradas y queridas,  abría la Pasarela.
No defraudó. No sólo por la lección de buen gusto, excelente costura y capacidad para reinventarse en una colección brillante. La presencia destacada de la cantante Joana Jiménez, y especialmente la de la espectacular modelo internacional Nieves Álvarez, mantenían en vilo a las mil personas que abarrotaban las gradas de la pasarela.
The new of Pilar Vera is called Cruz de Mayo

There were high expectations for the first professional fashion show at SIMOF2010, and that’s because for the first time, veteran Pilar Vera, one of the most admired and beloved flamenco designers, opened the show. She did not disappoint. Good taste, excellent dressmaking and the capacity to reinvent herself were characteristics of her brilliant collection. The noteworthy presence of Joana Jiménez and the spectacular international model Nieves Álvarez kept one thousand attendees on the edge of their seats.
Pilar Vera’s new collection, called “Cruz de Mayo” (May Cross), is flirty and inspired by the traditional prints and paintings of the 20th Century. The fashion show opened with the models dancing sevillanas, preparing the audience for an enchanting evening. The retro style and ruffle work marked the first part of the show. Take note flamenco fashionistas, because Pilar Vera has decided that dress waistlines should be higher, increasing the width and comfort of the outfit.

And the ruffles shrink and gather in different horizontal cascades. The favorite colors: white and beige, combined with pink and nude fringe and lace. For those who don’t want to give up colors, there’s purple, red and green. Stylist advice: if you don’t want to wear a shawl, round off your outfit with some good fringe work. And of course, the Mantón de Manila, the perfect accessory to highlight an outfit (Ángeles Espinar’s shawls are exquisite pieces).
Sophistication also marked Pilar Vera’s fashion show, with a series of dresses with large, colorful prints on exquisite fabrics and brocades, ideal for eveningwear with high heels and elegant accessories, with large ruffles on the edges, long fringe and daring backs, like the gorgeous, yellow brocade dress chosen by Joana Jiménez.
The last dress in Vera’s fashion show was the spectacular dress with train worn by the gorgeous Nieves Álvarez. A show full of emotion, delicious dresses and well known faces in the audience, such as Fiona Ferrer, Beatriz Cortázar, Sol Bohórquez, Mª José Campañario and Silvia Pantoja, who took notes on what is going to be worn at the next April Fair in Seville.


Pics: Mary Guillén for Pilar Vera


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