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Spanish Hats

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Montera's brother. The Cordobés hat is one of the most significant symbols of the Spanish culture.

We find it in the world of Flamenco, bulls, horse, romerías and in all the popular Andalucian fiestas.

The Cordobés hat has turned to be one of the Flamenco and bullfighting icon. The Dictionary of the Real Academia Española defines it as: hat made of felt with a wide and flat brim and with a short crown cylindrical.

In dance this kind of hat is a part of the wardrobe of many spectacles. The Cordobés hat is also an essential accesorize in all the Andalucian fiestas and 'romerias'.

Within the 'Cordobés hat' there is another type of hat called 'Sevillano hat'.  The characteritics are almost the same, the only thing that changes is the origin of the hat that, in this case, comes from Sevilla. The Sevillano hat is made of wool felt or rabbit hair. This hat has its peak every year during the 'Feria de Abril'.

Traditionally, the man is the one who wears it and the woman wears a comb or a flower. However, nowadays some women wear the Cordobés hat too, using it as a perfect complement of the flamenco dress.

Among the typical andalusian hat you can discover two different designs, depending on what you use it for: the walking hat has a tall top, the horse riding hat is a little bit shorter so that it would offer a certain air resistance. Concerning the fabric they are made of we can distinguish the felt material with rabbit fur  and the one made of wool.