Andalusian costumes

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Andalusian costumes

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These Andalusian costumes are synonomous of quality and elegance and are famous throughout Spain the world. These costumes show their beauty through fashion. A fashion that as you can see, offer us a wide range of options from classic styles to innovative styles with daring colours and original designs to suit all tastes.

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The description of women costume(if they ride alone, with a skirt instead of trousers) is a flared skirt with a white blouse, flat, with frills... and a short jacket. Decorated or covered hair with "pañuelos" (headscarf), tipical hats from Cordoba or hats with flowers, depending of the costume you wear. Concerning shoes, they are the same as for mens. The cowboy costume shows the labour of the countryside. The large brim hat, the white shirt, the "guayabera" or jacket (closed only with the last button), white turn-up trousers, "pañuelo" tied to the waist.