Veils (Spanish mantillas)

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Veils (Spanish mantillas)

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The veil is a traditional Spanish garment, that has special roots in Andalucia. It's a variety of the veil that was used by women when attending  religious celebrationsbut its use has spradded until transforming it into an unique garment which, even with the years and the changing fashion, keeps accompanying the Andalusian women on important ocasions. The mantilla shows its big importance during the Easter Fiests and during the bullfighting afternoons.Sometimes brides choose to wear the white "mantilla" instead of the tradicional veil and her bridesmaid wears a black one and a big comb,making this way a very Spanish and typical costume.

FlamencoExport Advice

If you want to dye the original shawl colour, you must know that:
1º it is a complicated process and not always you obtain the expected result.
2º the shawl is always shrank in the dyeing process.
3º the base colour which admit the best the dyeing is ivory, white always stands out, so if you buy a shawl to dye it, we advise you to buy the ivory one.
4º no shawl includes cotton that's why the acceptance of the dye will never be 100% right.