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Living the Pilgrimage of el Rocío de Huelva

The pilgrimage of El Rocío of this year, that started yesterday, is a good ocassion to buy some beautiful flamenca dresses or campero suits, and be a part of the festive environment that happens during this days in Huelva. For everyone that is eager to experience what transpires these days during this popular fiesta, there is still time, the most important days are the 4th and 5th of june in the village of Almonte. Of course, you can find in our website a huge assortment of campero suits, dresses, blouses, pants and accesories as well as all of the necessary accesories and to dress traditionally and be part of this event. As basic tips for those who have the intention to go to the pilgrimage is good to remember a few things such as not carry to much weight, use light clothes, don't forget your camera and specially protect yourself from the sun.  


As a little background about this fiesta is always good to remember that the pilgrimage is a religious and very popular celebration in honor of la Virgen del Rocío, also known as the Blanca Paloma in Almonte, Huelva. Its celebrated the weekend of the Pentecost Sunday and includes a walk to the hermitage were her image is located. Usually the fiesta lasts a week even though the big days are the ones of the weekend, moment were the fervour of the parishioner is at its peak.




In this fiesta its celebrated the descent of the Holy Spirit and the start of the Church activity, and during these days, the village of Almonte, that normally has around 22.000 residents becomes the third city of Spain in number of people. The pilgrimage starts on Saturday with the Santo Rosario, and ends when the image of the virgin goes back inside the hermitage on Monday morning. El Rocío attracts every year a hundred of fraternities of each of the closest areas like Cádiz, Huelva y Sevilla. The pilgrims cross by foot and some times by boat, the marshlands of the Guadalquivir delta, to arrive to this fiesta, in the limit of the Natural Park of Doñana.


The procession starts when the pilgrims walk the road to the village, dressed with flamenco suits, by foot, by horse or in carriages pulled by donkeys or oxen. Through this week people sing during the day, and at night they camp around a bonfire, and thats when the fiesta starts and everyone sings, dances and shares food and wine. 



One of the most important moments of this fiesta happens at midnight, during Pentecostés Monday's dawn, when starts the Santo Rosario pray. Then, after the parade of the fraternities insignias in front of the hermitage, it happens the so called Jump to the Fence. A massive entry of the devoted inside the Blanca Paloma's temple, to take her out in procession. The virgin, in the street, over the shoulders of those who have had the honour of arriving where she was, is walked around between the parishioners. During the procession the bells doesn't stop to ring as the pilgrims cheer the virgin with rose petals.

This is a week full of passion, devotion, tradition, feelings and amusement. The pilgrimage of el Rocío is one of the most famous and massive ones that exists and constitutes the emblematic expression of the popular religiosity of Andalucía. That way, for those of you that are going to experience it for the fist time just enjoy it and let yourself loose.



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