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Joaquin Cortes presents his new show "Calé" at the Häagen-Dazs Theater in Madrid.

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Joaquín Cortés repasará su carrera en el Teatro Häagen-Dazs desde hoy 5 al 22 de mayo.
Joaquin Cortes in Calé

"Dedicated to the light of my eyes: My Mother".
Joaquin Cortes will go over his career on the stage of the Häagen-Dazs Theater in Madrid from May 5. to 20.Joaquin Cortes is proposing a trip all along his personal feelings. The title of the show is "Calé" (means Gipsy in his language), Cortes is going over his career and essence, giving expression to his influences and experiences. In Calé, Joaquin Cortes is picking up the main parts of his six shows presented all around the world all along his career: Cibayi, Mi Soledad, Pasión Gitana, Soul, Live and Amor y Odio. Cortes is proposing a retrospectivo where he's showing his soul and feelings through the dance.

Joaquin está acompañado de 16 músicos, 8 bailarinas, y un total de 35 personas.

The dancer and choreographer has directed his last and expected show like a retrospective offering his shoul.
Accompanied by 16 musicians, 8 dancers and a total of 35 persons travelling with "CALÉ" all around the world. The music as usual in Cortes shows is a fusion of rhythmes and instruments, surprises us.
Barcelona and Madrid are the initial stages, the witnesses of this new show. The international presentation will be in New York, on May 14. at the Beacon Theater. Then the show will travel to Greece, Mexico or the Emirates where the reviews are excellent.


  • Cristina

    Que ilusión me hace que vuelva Joaquin a Madrid. Es un excelente bailaor. Espero que el espectáculo sea tan bueno. Vamos a lo que estamos acostumbrados. Mucha suerte!!!!
  • KIM st barth

    voudrais dates spectacles de cortes en juillet aout 2011

    Nous n'avons les dates que jusqu'au 22 mai (à Madrid), il faurait consulter sa page web pour en savoir plus. Merci.
  • imma

    Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir si il sera en spectacle à Paris, j'adore se danseur ,je ne me lasse pas de le regarder sur le net,mais je voudrais le voir en vrai. Cordialement IMMA

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