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Flamenco Scores Big at the Music Awards

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Portada 'Coplas del Querer' de Miguel Poveda

Although everyone who received an award at the XIV edition of the Music Awards held last night at the Häagen-Dazs Calderón Theatre in Madrid is fortunate, flamenco artists were even more so. Miguel Poveda’s name was called twice, as the singer from Badalona picked up an award for Best Album and Best Spanish Song Album for his latest work ‘Coplas del Querer.’

The naming Poveda’s recording Best Album regardless of category is an implicit acknowledgement of flamenco and traditional music. On top of receiving these two awards, Poveda’s work was also distinguishd with the Best Arrangement award going to Joan Albert Amargós...

‘Coplas del Querer’ collects 18 gems amongst which you’ll find such popular songs as Ojos Verdes, La bien pagá and Mis tres puñales. This is nothing short of a challenge as all of these songs have been performed by some of the best flamenco and copla singers in history, such as Concha Piquer, Camarón de la Isla, Marifé de Triana, Rafael Farina, Manolo Caracol and Juana Reina.

Poveda wanted to share his triumph and thanked “everyone who participated on this record” and added: “I’d like to share this with Martirio, Pasión Vega and Pastora Soler.”

Best Flamenco Album was awarded to maestro Enrique Morente for his live recording ‘Morente Flamenco.’



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