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Flamenco and Eastern Cultures Meet this Week in Madrid

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The Hispano-iranian center Casa Persa joins artists representative of different cultures on a single stage. Sufi dance, flamenco song and Hindu drums, among other disciplines, unite in a plural spectacle entitled "Encuentro de Culturas" (Cultural Encounter). This musical and dance production opens a new door that goes beyond artistic fusion.

A stunning example of cultural exchange: Majid Javadi, Jorge Pardo, Nantha Kumar, Agustin Carbonell, Sarray Muñoz, Auxi Fernandez, Luis Amador, Klara Brasil, Miriam Serrano, Eztizen Vázquez, Carmen Sanchez and Antonio Fernandez are the performers in charge of creating that meeting point between Persian culture, flamenco and Sufism. This encounter is an homage to women that intends to extol their role and struggle throughout the world.

Date: Friday, May 7

Time: 22:00 hrs

Place: Teatro Lara, Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 15, Madrid

Price: 15 Euros


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