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Estrella Morente opens the V Festival Flamenco Community

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""Tablaos", "cante", dance, and feeling are the ingredients that converge this friday, 4th of june, at the starting signal of "Suma Flamenca", in the Flamenco Festival of the Community of Madrid, that will take place during the next weeks till the 2nd of july. Estrella Morente will open the Festival in the Auditorio Théater of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, but she won´t be the only one that will act in the opening, because there are other 6 shows schéduled in three other councils of Madrid almost at the same time.
For example, in the Salón Cervantes of Alcalá Théater, one of the best guitars of the flamenco history, Enrique de Melchor's one,will play for those who will assist. Melchor will be accompanied by three musicians, at the guitar, flute and percussion, one "cantaor, two "cantaoras" doing chorus and "compás", and one "bailaora". Paco Taranto, the extremaduran Guadiana or Capullo de Jerez, Juana la del Pipa and Mariana Cornejo in the tribute "Remembering Chano Lobato", will meet tonight in different places of the Community.
Four théaters of the Night Live will take in other 7 shows during the festival, like Belén López, Nino de los Reyes, Leo de Aurora, Adrián Galis, Alfredo Tejada and a long list of "bailaores; "cantaores" and guitar players that will put their personnal accent to this month dedicated to Flamenco.

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