One of the best Spanish group of the 80's and ever was Pata Negra, who mixed from the streets blues, rock and flamenco in the most natural way possible.
Blues, jazz and flamenco are ways of expression that reflect a complaint or a state of mind, a declaration of misfortune, but it is also an invitation of hope, the transit to another state of plenitude about the future or the past. It is the nostalgia or the pain of a loss, but it is an attempt to have back what has been lost through the hope too. Blues and flamenco can be good metaphors of the life "journey". In this emotion that comes from this music there is always the poetry of the journey, a desolation and a hope of searching without destiny. Usually rythmes are similar to the rythmes of a slow and archaic train, or to the rythme of a journey on a river. Flamenco and blues have both ever been artistic ways of expression endowed with a capacity of improvisation and a freedom of interpretation. We understand why their lyrics and their music represent references of values that allow us to interpret and understand the themes that worry every human being.
It is not very strange that blues seduced litterature, cinema, painting and other arts, thanks to its magic and depth.
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