Song with verses, generally composed by eight syllabes each, that is part of a group called 'las cantiñas'. 'La alegría' was born as a song which one of its aim was to dance, very festive. La alegría is very dynamic and is also caracterised by its ease and its grace. 'El canto' (the song) itself is formed by a succession of 'coplas' and between 'alegría and alegría' it is usual to introduce some variations or "games" of different music of the same 'compás'. This style comes eminent from Cádiz but it also exists a version particuliar in Córdoba. We supposed that this 'cantiña' comes from 'la jota de Cádiz' that was song in this city during the Independencia war and the liberal period, according to the historians and the folkloricos. The song and the dance have both the same rythme as la 'soleá', although it is lighter, gives to 'la alegría' an air vivider, happier. 'El baile' is hard to dance and it is caracterised by 'escobillas' and a part very calm called 'silencio'. In this part is song the traditional "tirititrán" that has been invented, according to Chano Lobato, by Ignacio Espeleta during a 'fiesta' where they forgot the lyrics of the song. The most famous interpreters are Aurelio Sellés, Pericón de Cádiz, Fosforito, la Perla ou Camarón.

'La alegría' has never lost its fame, since the period of the 'cafés cantantes' with dancers as Juana La Macarrona, La Melena, Fernanda Antúez, La Mejorana et Gabriela Ortega, until today. It is almost an obligatory style in all the repertories of the most remarkable dance figures. Regarding to the alegría song, it is the same and the best interpreters of the last years are Pericón de Cádiz, El Flecha de Cádiz, El Beni de Cádiz, El Chato de la Isla, Fosforito, La Perla de Cádiz, El Camarón de la Isla, Chano Lobato y Juanito Villar, for example.

The 'toque' is realised by a three / four or by a six / eight time. The base of the rythme can be done from mi/si or from la/mi or also from do/sol, although it exists other possibilities to do it on the same tonality.

Comes from: Cádiz, Córdoba.

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