Flamenca outfits

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Flamenca outfits

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Flamenca, it's the only regional costume that is adapted to fashion. A dress cut called 'guitar body' is the favorite one because it suits every women : neckline pico, round or squared, depending on the season, a  hair bun to give slimness to the neck, tight dress that you can open on the hips and frills which gives you happy and feminine appearance. The dress encloses different complements: shawl, hair flower, bracelets, earrings, 'peinetas'(decorative comb worn in hair) all this in a combination of colours and variants.

The origin of the Ladies flamenco outfits

The origin of this dress is the humble working robe that used to be worn by Andalusian countrywomen. The most common cloth used was percale and it had one or more (up four) flounces at a hem that was a cut in such a way that it flared out. An apron was worn around the
waist to protect the dress.
The most common accessories were some modest jewelry or rudimentary wooden rings and bracelets painted in bright colours. A flower was also worn in the hair next to the large ornamental comb that held the hair in a bun.