Solea Group Flamenco

  • "Alboreá" belongs to the "solea" group and the metrical style of 12 tempos. This is a singing for the gipsy weddings. For the gipsy "cantaores" it is a singing that we have to keep back for weddings and we should not sing out of this occasion. The rhythm and the guitar accompaniement are identical to the "soleá". The lyrics usually consist of hexasyllables. It belongs to the group of the singings influenced by the "soleá".
  • Bambera/Bambas, they belong to the solea group and with metrical system of 12 times. Sung according to the bamboleo rhythm. Regularly each "copla" if the choir is answered by another of the "columpio"; for this kind of song the lovers improvise expressive songs talking about complaints, jealousy, disdain. They express gallantry, tenderness, bitterness, snubs or relief full of passion.
    The bamba counts four octosyllable verses, the first one and the third one could be heptasyllable and the second one and the fouth pentasyllables. Generally we repeat the two first ones at the en of teh "copla", or it forms a "quintilla" repeating only the second one.
  • Caracoles, they belong to the solea group, metrical system of 12 times. It seems that the current Caracoles are coming from an old Cantiña called "La Caracolera", a cantiña from Cadiz that we can dance. The cantaores mixed it with other cantiñas.
  • Romera, it belongs to the solea group, metrical system of 12 times. Flamenco song belonging to the Cantiñas de Cadiz group.  Romero el "Tito", popular "cantaor" of the XIX. Century coming from Andalusia. He created a dancing style starting from an old Cantiña. He gave it his own name: Romera.
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