First Songs Flamenco

  • Cabales, they belong to the fundamental songs, to the solea group and its measure style is 12 times. This song called "cabales" is a changed "seguiriya". Fillo called it like that.
  • The "Polo", it belongs to the fundamental songs, to the solea group and metric style of 12 measures. Very old flamenco song, close to the Caña. The roots of the Polo go back to the most ancient origins of the Andalusian song. To find their roots we have to go back to the centuries full of sung romances and "cantiñas" to dance.
    As a musical form we play it with a 3 x 4 or 6 x 8 compas. Normally performed with maracas, but they are no rules for the instruments. We can adapt this musical form to small or big groups.
    The melody evolves on a variation of four tones, of which repetition evokes the waves of the sea, apparently the same but always different and new, and they sing verses varying depending on the song.
    Also known as "Polo Margariteño", because of its inflow in the Margarita island, one of the "jondo" Andalusian songs that we are loosing. It is quite difficult to set its genealogy. It is very rare today to find "cantaores" knowing this style. Some of the best singers of this style are El Fillo, El Nitri, Curro Dulce.
  • La Caña, it belongs to the fundamental song, considered as the most transcendent fundamental song of the flamenco. Its melodic influence is unquestionable, not only in minor songs but also in some old styles frequently accepted like "original".
    Some prestigious opinions locate the "soleas" and the "siguiriya" previously to the "cañas". But we think that the solea is subsequent.
    It is very difficult to sing "cañas" and the singer has be a deep "cantaor". He needs to have a perfect style knowledge but also exceptional vocal abilities.
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