Miguel Poveda developped Carta Blanca, a new flamenco record label.

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Carta Blanca nuevo sello discográfico flamenco
Logo of the record label Carta Blanca
The singer-songwriter Miguel Poveda developped a new record label, Carta Blanca, pretending "support the flamenco artists in order that they had the possibility to go ahead in their musical works and to help the flamenco growth."The first launching will be for the singer-songwriter from Jerez, Londro and his album "Luna de enero". And soon a new launching with Kiko Peña, 15 years old, from Ecija. The Carta Blanca manager will be Karonte.
El cantaor catalán Miguel Poveda
Miguel Poveda
The Catalan singer-songwriter Miguel Poveda has reached the artistical status of "reference" in the contemporary flamenco world, at the same level that some others artists such as Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares or Gerardo Nuñez. His fickleness and his involvment are setting him to a new challenge: the new record label "Carta Blanca" will be introduced next June 11. at 12h30 in the Manuel de Falla hall, at the head office of the SGAE (Madrid). Miguel Poveda, Miguel Spin, Londro and Kiko Peña will be at the ceremony. After the speech both young singers will perform during more than one hour and a half.

Now it's time to give our support to these young artists. The singer Londro offers the first act with his disc "luna de enero", we discover a singer with a strong identity and a typical flavour from Jerez. "Luna de enero" contains new musical songs with the guitare of Santiago Lara. Excelent selection of flamenco styles: solea with the guitar of Paco Cepero, fandangos with Miguel Hernandez lyrics and Jesus Lavilla playing the piano, the marianas with David Lago lyrics and a tribute to Rafael Farina in "Vino Amargo". Kiko Peña offers the second act.

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