Matilde Coral, happy for the Spanish flamenco gratitude.

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Matilde Coral bailaora y decana de las maestras sevillanas del baile flamenco.
Matilde Coral
The dancer and the dean of the greatest dancers from Sevilla, Matilde Cora, is happy for the absolute gratitude that the Spanish flamenco world is showing, because flamenco is, for her, hier whole life.

Matilde Coral assures that since a few years "flamenco has its fully deserved place". This week, the flamenco dancer will be present at the flamenco classes offered by the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) in Carmona (Sevilla). The dancer also said that flamenco had lucky and bad times but today it is living in the fullness, and it's something marvellous".
La bailaora y decana de las maestras sevillanas del baile flamenco, Matilde Coral, está feliz gracias al reconocimiento absoluto que el mundo del flamenco tiene ahora mismo en España, ya que el flamenco para ella es su vida.
Matilde Coral
A few years ago, "flamenco began to be universally recognised but this should have happened before, in the very beginning", according to Matilde Coral, but maybe, the fact that this gratitude does not exist until now, "made this profession grow". For the dancer, flamenco is life, her life, and " I suffered a lot about this lack of gratitude".

On the other hand, Coral points up the important part of some new flamenco figures, such as Pastora Glaván, impressive dancer, one of the best modern flamenco dancer, Pepa Montes or "El Pipa". But the dancer also remembers the old ones like Pastora Imperio, Trini España, the queen of the baroque dance, according to her.

The greatest Sevillana discovered the flamenco world at 15 years old, by necessity. She is today the dean of the Flamenco Dance School of Sevilla. She loves this status but she knows that it is because of her age, she admitted laughing. Now the dancer is living a quite life in Triana, and is becoming concerned hearing the guitar of Celia Morales, she remembers about the guitar players she had to accompanied along her career.


  • Sylvie

    Matilde Coral la gran maestra del baile flamenco. Es un privilegio haber tenido un genio del flamenco como ella.
  • Amalia

    Bravo por Matilde Coral!!! ha luchado tanto por el flamenco que al final se ha reconocido

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