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Understanding Flamenco: Summer Course in Jerez

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After last year's fruitful experience, the radio program Los Caminos del Cante (Onda Jerez Radio-EMA Satelite), in colaboration with the Jerez City Hall (through the Education and Youth Delegations) convenes its second stage 'Conocer el Flamenco' (Getting to know flamenco).

This course is directed to anyone interested in participating, and it's objective is to explain the key factors of this art, so that students can distinguish between the different styles of flamenco using such elements as rhythm, literary structure and musical scales...
The class will include audio and audiovisual examples, as well as guitar examples. The course will take place in Jerez's Sala Paúl from August 3 to 6, 2010, and it will be led by José María Castaño, coordinator of the program of the same name and the Flamenco Classroom at the University of Cádiz. You can find more information at:
Photo by Cuellar on Flickr.

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