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The importance of the flamenco shoes

Flamenco shoes are one of the most important parts no just of the flamenco dance, but also the dress code and the music. The tapping sound of a flamenco dancer its reinforced by this special shoes, since they are a vital part of this style.

The term flamenco shoes normally refers to women shoes, since men generally use boots. This special shoes are particularly important because they are used as percussion instruments to acompany the music. This is like that because they have special nails in the heels and caps of the shoes.



A traditional flamenco shoe tends to be in red or black colours, and normally matches the beautiful dresses. The heel length can vary but usually mesures between 2 and 7 cm. Also this shoes usually have a ribbon or tie that crosses over the foot and is fixed to the ankle, designed to mantain the feet on their place. Depending on the dress, you have to decide what colour and kind of shoes are the best for you.


The shoes can be purchased anywhere in the world, but most professional dancers prefer to ask for theirs to traditional spanish manufacturers that produce handmade and customizable products. The cost of an authentic pair of shoes is not really excesive. Having the right shoes can be a game changer for a dancer, and the ones who dedicate their lives to this know that they have to take care of their feet since their art is really rigourous.

To choose the best flamenco shoe is important to have some things in mind: colour, material (leather, suede, syntethic), the type of heel (standard, reel, cuban), the size of the heel, buckle or ribbons and if you want nails pre-installed or not (often they are sold without nails to practice). Also the quality of the shoes changes depending of the level of the dancer. There are amateur or students shoes, semi-professional, professional, and elite for dancers that have been in the scene for a while.

On the other hand, taking good care of the shoes would prevent them from become stiff. Hence, you should keep them in a fresh and dry environment. After practicing with them let them air dry for several minutes and then bag them so they stay out of the dust and other enviromental elements. Also it is really important to clean and treat the leather by softly brushing and moisturizing it. When the creme gets absorbed then youn can use a shoe polish, and finally afterwards you can wipe it with some cloth or the brush. And, of course, if you use nails on the shoe remember to take them to get changed when there is some missing or worn-out. This way the shoes will last a lot longer.


Some of the most notorious flamenco shoes manufacturers in Spain are:


  • Begoña Cervera: this is the leading company in which most of the flamenco professionals trust. It has been working in the artisanal products market for more than a decade, mixing tradition with comfort, design and innovation.
  • Gallardo: the shoes of this business are completely handmade in the traditional way. It is a very well reknown brand, recognized by their excellent quality and comfort, and used by a lot of flamenco artists and dance companies. Gallardo also can customize them following the clients wishes.
  • Menkes: This prestigious brand uses really modern technology to create their shoes, but they also keep the traditional concept of the artisanal shoes manufacturing process. They guarantee a longevity of the shoes for at least 50 years.
  • Roberto Garrudo: he creates handmade shoes with high quality and made with the best materials on the market.
  • Bulería Sabates: this spanish shoe enterprise, located in Alicante, is specialized in women's flamenco shoes with original desgins. Their shoes are handmade with really good materials.


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