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The flamenco singer and composer Mayte Martin will present her new project "Al cantar a Manuel" next October 3. at the Girona Auditorium.

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La cantaora flamenca Mayte Martín presentará el próximo día 3 de octubre en el Auditorio de Girona su proyecto ''Al cantar a Manuel''.
Mayte Martin

The flamenco singer and composer Mayte Martin, accepted and considerated by everyone will present her last work "Al cantar a Manuel" next October 3. at the Girona Auditorium.This new disc is a real event, because it offers a collection of songs based on the poems of the poet and journalist Manuel Alcanta, from Malaga. On this cd Mayte Martin reinvents the poetry singing and in a very honourable way. Her aim was to be the voice of the poet, be his breathing. We are talking about flamenco, about La Niña de los Peines and Pepe Marchena, but also Jacques Brel and Joni Mitchell, because the work of Mayte Martin is incredible.. 

Mayte Martin en el Auditorio de Girona el 3 de octubre.
Mayte Martin
This interpretation is one more of the offer of this autumn with Paco de Lucia and Antonio Canales. One more guest star in the programming of the Auditorium of Girona.The singer from Barcelona surprise us, one more time, it is like an intensive thinking about our most popular music. A few Spanish artists are described "influential" and Mayte is one of those artists, without any doubt. Nobody could have talk about Catalonian flamenco before "Muy fragil", her first album. It will be in Gerona that she will present her project "Al Cantar a Manuel" to the audience.


  • Amanda

    C'est effectivement une artiste incroyable dans le panorama flamenco. J'aime beaucoup ce qu'elle offre, très émouvant, toujours. Je me réjouis d'écouter son prochain voyage musical. ;-)))
  • Isaac

    Are you gonna sell this new cd? I am very intersted. Thank you.

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