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Flamencos Shows News

The flamenco dynasty "los Farrucos" on "El sol, la sal, el son"

Farruco en el programa que Canal Sur Tv emitirá el próximo lunes, día 13 de diciembre
Farruco Family

Broadcasted in Canal Sur TV on monday the 13th december at 22:30. Farruquito, Farruco and El Carpera form one of the most important sagas of "bailaores". Miguel Poveda, Lole and José Mercé will show their prodigious faculties and the artis from Jerez
will sing even in latin the "Salve Regina".

Duets of Falete with Niña Pastori, of Argentina with Pepe Roca and of Júnior with the "Hermanas Bautistas". Salvadora Fernández will remember the visit of Michelle Obama to a flamenca cave of the Sacromonte.
Juan Andrés Maya, Antonio el Pipa and David Palomar will act too.

Programme broadcasted on Canal Sur TV, on Monday, December 13. at 10.30pm, Farruquito, Farruco and the Carpeta are one of the most important dancers saga. Miguel Poveda, Lole and José Mercé will demonstrate, once again, their abilities and the artist from Jerez will sing in latin the "Salve Regina".Some great duets: Falete with the Niña Pastori, Argentina with Pepe Roca and Junior with the Bautista Sisters. Salvadora Fernandez will remember the visit of Michelle Obama to her flamenco cave in Sacromonte. Juan Andrés Maya, Antonio el Pipa and David Palomar will also be there. The flamenco is an art linked to some important families. "El sol, la sal, el son" produced by Jesus Quintero and presented by Fran Rivera, will focus on the Farruco dynasty next Monday, December 13, on the channel Canal Sur TV, at 10.30pm and will offer some great flamenco shows. Farruquito, Farruco and the Carpeta will show their know-how and will demonstrate why they are considerated the number one in dance.

Programas como 'El sol, la sal, el son' permiten disfrutar de grandes artistas del flamenco.
Farruco Family

Besides the Farruco dynasty, three recognized artists will play in this space: Lole Montoya will interpret "Almotamid"; José Mercé will interpret a solea around the interview table with Jesus Quintero, he will obtain that the artist sings in latin the "Salve Regina"; and Miguel Poveda will offer an improvisation showing his interpretion strength with "Alfileres de colores". Some programmes such as "El sol, la sal, el son" are offering some improbable duets: Falete abd Niña Pastori, Argentina and Pepe Roca singing "Pena, penita, pena", and some recognized artists like the Bautista sisters performing "Llevame" a duet with Junior.During her visit to Spain, to have some days off, the first lady of the United-States, Michelle Obama, wanted to learn more about the flamenco art and therefore she asked for a visit to a Sacromonte cave of Granada. The cave owner, Salvadora Fernandez Maya, will tell during an interview with Fran Rivera, how was the visit. The programme w ill be completed with the show of David Palomar, who choose "alegrias" close by the Carrasco Family; Antonio el Pipal will perform a buleria and Soniquete a multimedia buleria.www.teatroquintero.comFor more information: prensa@teatroquintero.comMaría González Mediavilla (678 697 964)


  • Estrella

    Que noche nos espera!!!!!que pedazo de artistas son esta familia...

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