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The flamenco ballet of Eva Yerbabuena opens the Mérida Festival

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La 56 edición del Festival de Mérida (Badajoz) abre este viernes su temporada de representaciones con el espectáculo 'Lluvia', del ballet flamenco de Eva Yerbabuena
Eva Yerbabuena
The 56. edition of the Merida Festival (Badajoz) starts this Friday with its new shows period with the performance of the flamenco ballet of Eva Yerbabuena in "Lluvia" (Rain), substituting "Medea 2", under the thematic of the water.

This show represents the unique way to renew the festival under this thematic, in line with the philosophy of this new edition. The Greek companyof Dimitris Papaioannou has cancelled its show for the opening of the festival, admitted Francisco Suárez, the festival director, during the press conference.

"I chose the water thematic for the festival and I am very lucky that Eva is free this week-end.", confessed Suarez, who has also admitted that the dance show won't offer any Greek-Latin essence.
"I was very stressed out about the possibility to cancel the opening of the festival and I think that I wasn't allowed to do that, I had to find a solution", said Suarez.
Eva Yerbabuena ha explicado que la temática gira en torno a la mujer y al agua
Eva Yerbabuena in ''Lluvia''

Eva Yerbabuena admitted that it was sad to begin in these conditions but that she was feeling happy to be able to calm down and to reassure all the people working for the festival". She also recognised that she was feeling very fortunated to open the 56. edition of the festival, she has been dreaming about that show during a long time.The artist from Granada added that her show was open to improvisation, because she loves challenges. And this is a huge challenge.

Eva Yerbabuena explained that the thematic is around the woman and the water, "a tribute to melancholy". She knows that she has a lot to discover and to create in this career and she confessed that she was in a time of creation and she hopes be able to present it on October 5.
The director of the Merida Festival indicates that Yerbabuena represents a "necessary flamenco in this country". The show also counts with its own "cuadro flamenco" made of dancers, guitar players and percussion players.


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