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The danceur Eva la Yerbabuena will be the protagonist of the XI edition of Lorca and Grenada program in Generalife gardens

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Eva la Yerbabuena será la protagonista de la XI edición del programa Lorca y Granada en los Jardines del Generalife con el espectáculo 'Federico según Lorca'
Eva la Yerbabuena

The danceur Eva la Yerbabuena will be the protagonist of the XI edition of the Lorca and Grenada program in the Generalife gardens. "Federico according to Lorca" show, a set up that will end up with the Grenada Dance and Music International festival on the next 12 of july. This set up will run from the the 20 of july until the 28 of agust. 

Convainced to have "realized a dream", Eva la Yerbabuena, who wanted to reveal the choreography details, recognized during the press conference that this show is a challenge that stops her from sleeping. "Lorca's world is so bigthat you will get lost". Every night, i go to sleep surrounded by lorca's work, as if it was the Bible, his texts go with me, inspire me" she says.

'Federico según Lorca', dirigido e ideado por Eva la Yerbabuena con escenografía de Vicente Palacios
Federico según Lorca
"Federico according to Lorca", directed and imagined by Eva La Yerbabuena with scenography by Vicente Palacios, will count on the presence of an important dancers, singers and musicians group, among them we will find Paco Jarana's guitar, also set up's composer, and Manuel de la Luz; singing by Enrique "el extremeño", jose valencia and Pepe de Pura; Manuel José Muñoz "Pajaro" and Raul Dominguez, at percussions; Mercedes de Cordoba, Lorena Franco, María Moreno, Eduardo Guerrero, Fernando Jiménez and Alejandro Rodríguez in the dance company. The Granada assembly Government representative, María José Sánchez, explained that "the Lorca and Granada" program in the Generalife gardens is a cultural reference in the city and in our community, that's how the 10 years of existence and the more than 400.000 assistants prove it. This year, the level is still high with Eva la Yerbabuena, who is the success guarantee."The Alhambra and Generalife foundation general director, María del Mar Villafranca and the Granada assembly culturedirector Pedro Benzal, have the same opinion and think that these kind of initiatives as the one of "Lorca and Granada" program in the Generalife gardens "contributes to the Granada and Andalousian cultural developpment". "This show couldn't have been presented in a better ocasion than this one, during the one of the Dance and music festival celebrate its 60 edition and flamenco has been elected Humanity patrimony" they considered.
The tickets for the show will be sold on the next 30 of april at a price of 30 euros, however there will be other prices from possibilities to possibilities, like a visit of the geenralife gardens to admire the sunset one hour before the show starts. 


  • Penélope

    La visita a los Jardines del Generalife para contemplar la puesta de sol una hora antes del comienzo del montaje, me parece una maravilla para disfrutar del espectáculo de la Yerbabuena.
  • Miriam

    Debe estar precioso en Granada

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