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The dancer Rafael Amargo presents his new show "Princesas del Flamenco"

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El bailaor granadino Rafael Amargo presenta hasta el 4 de julio en el Teatro Hägen Dazs-Calderón de Madrid su espectáculo 'Princesas del Flamenco'
Playbill Princesas Flamencas
The dancer from Granada, Rafael Amargo, presents his new show "Princesas del Flamenco", from July 4. at the Hägen Dazs-Calderón Theater in Madrid. He's dipping into the flamenco roots to show the talent of two dancers, Susana Lupianez, La Lupi, and Carmen RIvas, La Talegona. This evening, the profits of the show will go to the Isabel Genio Fundation, investigating the muscular dystrophy and some other rare diseases.According to Rafael Amargo declarations the show "Princesas del Flamenco" is a musical show without any dramatic art, it is a kind of smoothness, its aim is to show the talent and to offer an artistical alternative to both Andalusian dancers actively involved from his debut."They always gave their bodies and soul to the dance", explained Amargo.We need a strong female figure of the flamenco in Spain, said the dancer. There are a lot of male dancers accross the world.
El Bailaor Rafael Amargo Presenta su nuevo espectáculo 'Princesas del Flamenco'
Rafael Amargo
The show "Princesas del Flamenco", is made of nine scenes, directed by Juan Parrilla for the music, and with the participation of José Soto Sorederita, guitar player, composer and singer, he is on stage to make the magic flow- There is some alchemy between Sorderita and me, said Amargo."In this time of crisis this is a perfect format because it is a small company but of quality". The mark of the show is the return to the flamenco core in the theater where Amargo made his debut 20 years ago.In this way, José Soto says that the show is like a walk around the flamenco evolution, from its othodoxy to the contemporary flamenco. "I love novelties, and I always had a good relationship with Rafael, from the very first time", explains José Soto.Furthermore, "Princesas del Flamenco" shows some typical elements of the flamenco such as the fans, the Manila shawls or the dress "bata de cola", according to Rafael Amargo.


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