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The choreographer Javier Latorre gave shape to the flamenco spirit through "El duende y el reloj" production

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El coreógrafo Javier Latorre dio forma al espíritu del flamenco a través de su montaje 'El duende y el reloj'
'El duende y el reloj' by Javier Latorre
The choreographer Javier Latorre gave shape to the flamenco spirit through "El duende y el reloj" production, yesterday night in the Gran Teatro, a work that brings together fiction and reality through the dance, according to the original script of the tale by Philippe Donnier. The time of the show has been delayed, from 22.00 to 23.00, because of the football match of Spain. This is the first production of Latorre for his new company, Requetedanza. The production has been designed in order to understand flamenco easily, using the new technologies and animation.

According ti the title of this production, the "duende", magician (Karen Lugo), and the watch, "el reloj", are the main characters of this show. The first one, the "duende" is the innovator, and the second one is characterized by its immobility, a posture that the magician treis to change all along the show, showing the watch the different "palos" of the flamenco. Latorre also made appear other historical characters such as Léonard de Vinci, René Descartes, Albert Einstein or Salvador Dali; he used the Soft Watches like as an excuse to explain the slowing down of the fandangos ryhthm. 
Javier Latorre en su montaje 'El duende y el reloj'
El duende y el reloj
Ricardo Luna, Jesús Corbacho, Cristian Lozano, Daniel Navarro and a dance company made of six dancers have filled the stage of the Gran Teatro to show the difference between alegrías, soleá or guajira in this show. Besides the choreography, the projections and the graphics, the words is also used for the development of the history. "El duende y el reloj" is a production with the Javier Latorre signature. 


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    je n etait pas au spectacle helas! j aimes le travail de javier j espere que se spectacle tournera, cordoba c 'est loin de toulouse; pouvez vous m informer des prochaines d ate du spectacle merci

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