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The Ballet Folklórico de Madrid Journeys Along Spain's Coasts in Litus

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At over four thousand kilometers in length, the Spanish “LITUS” (coastline) is bathed by two seas and an ocean. As though the water possessed the country’s very culture, the land that it bathes is permeated by its emotion and life.

The Mediterranean Sea, with its warmth and ancestral culture, provides soft and melodious rhythms full of style and charged with symbolism. This journey along the coastline begins along the Mediterranean coast. From Catalonia to Valencia, passing through the Balearic Islands, we can see how the Mediterranean’s soft waves cradle with rhythmic dances that make one float in a calm se of notes and steps.

Upon approaching the Atlantic Ocean, the rhythms become accentuated along the Andalusian coast. That Mediterranean cadence intermingles with the turmoil and joy of the ocean, creating a vivid and colorful staging.


The Cantabrian Sea lends its name to the entire Cantabrian coast. From the Basque Country, Cantabria is crossed, ultimately reaching Asturias. A green land with lush vegetation embraces this sea, which contrasts with the Mediterranean due to its power and activity. Similarly, the local dance shares that intensity, demonstrating its energetic yet sober character. If in the Mediterranean the dances cut through the waves, in this land, the dances are the waves.

Finally, the viewer arrives at the Galician coast, the unquestionable head of eternal Europe before the colossal ocean. Precipitous coasts receive the Atlantic’s assault, transmitting a sense of strength and levity at the same time, much like the dance of Galicia.

Teatro de Madrid

Dates: May 13 - 16

Times: Thursday to Saturday 20:30 hrs; Sunday 19 hrs

Prices: 10 to 16 euros

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