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The "Cantaores Híspalis" records ''La Gran Fiesta de las Sevillanas''.

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''La Gran Fiesta de las Sevillanas'', es su primer álbum con Universal Music Spain/Vale Music.
Cantores de Híspalis

"La Gran Fiesta de las Sevillanas" is the first album with Universal Music Spain/Vale Music. The most popular sevillanas of this group has revolutionaized this genre, now these songs are performed by the greatest Spanish artists of the moment.This is the most important bet of our career, a 35 years career... At this point of our career we did not expect this great support... This disc is almost finished said the Cantores de Hispalis.

Las sevillanas más populares del grupo que revolucionó el flamenco
Cantores de Hispalis is the group who revolutionized the sevillanas. They lead this kind of music to the top. The album "La Gran Fiesta de las Sevillanas" commemorate their 35 years together. Their sevillanas are performed by the presetn artists. More than 30 artists wanted to accompany the group in this ambitious project. 

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