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Riqueni reaparece en Sevilla con un disco dedicado a la pureza de la infancia

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"Es el concierto más importante de mi vida", dice el guitarrista tras vencer a la enfermedad
Rafael Riqueni

A family tragedy broke his career and sparked a psychiatric illness that has taken to an edge for years to flamenco lovers , whom suddenly saw that one of the most exquisite and personal guitarists of the generation that succeeded Paco de Lucia was rushing in a black cast with an uncertain end. Exceptional circumstances that help to understand the wait that caused the concert offered tonight at the Lope de Vega, for which the invitations have been exhausted.

It will be his first performance in Seville, where he was born in 1962 - the last five years, and will serve to present  his new job, that will see the light at the end of the year, ending a gap of recording silence opened 15 years ago . The Catalan singer Mayte Martin came to town last night to accompany him today, from 21:00 in the interpretation of Parque de María Luisa, an album with the collaboration of Estrella Morente, a tribute to friendship and admiration that Enrique Morente professed and guitarist from Seville, Manuel Calleja, and that Riqueni means a "reunion with great memories, with times that are gone but I still have in the heart", a "reunion with everything," he added.

Será su primera actuación en Sevilla le servirá para presentar, además, los temas que compondrán su nuevo trabajo, que verá a final de año.
Rafael Riqueni

"It's the most important concert of my life," says guitarist after beating the disease. "I am very happy and very excited, and nervous and scared. But what would be otherwise abnormal. It is the most important concert of my life, no doubt, but I face itto  wanting to enjoy and give the best of me, "he confessed yesterday Riqueni, which for years has lived in Madrid. Since there has evoked a long time, then "tell someway with the guitar, "his favorite corner of the Park of Maria Luisa, who walked as a child with his father." The album is dedicated to parents who bring their children to walk in the park, "said Riqueni, who I like your new album out "as a story." "In the first issue I imagined sitting on a park bench on a cloudy day, remembering my father," he continued.

He also likes to think it's an album "made for children." "For them to hear and appreciate the guitar with different light and with that special light of Seville," he added. Although there is a tango flamenco, most of the new album is not strictly flamenco. It was inspired by folklore, from Seville to the "jota", through chotis muñeira and because Riqueni thinks "the guitar has greatly limited."
The concert tonight, in which he will also play other stages, such as "Cogiendo rosas"," Al Niño Miguel", "Mi tiempo" or fragments of the "Seville Suite" - will be filmed by Francisco Bech, who  is making a documentary on the back-and past-Riqueni expected for november.


  • carlos

    extraordinario estos años te daran paz y felicidad mas que nada lo deseo amigo

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