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Pasarela Flamenca Jerez 2011. Del 17 al 20 de Febrero. Museos de la Atalaya.

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Moda Flamenca Jerez News
Pasarela Flamenca Jerez 2011. Del 17 al 20 de Febrero. Museos de la Atalaya.
Pasarela Flamenca Jerez 2011
The ingenuity, the strenght and the creativity of designers of the south of Jerez are back this February. Once again (this is the fourth edition) the ingenuity, the creativity and the strenght of the fashion designers from Andalusia will show their work on the Flamenco Catwalks between February 17. and 21. at the Museum of La Atalaya. The different fashion shows will offer the most innovative trends around the flamenco costumes, de gipsy costumes, and the ones with flounces. These formations will be showed all along the ferias celebrated in Andalusia, and also during the Rocio pilgrimage: the most beautiful and original windows that you can imagine. The professionals of the sector and the lovers of the flamenco fashion will meet in La Atalaya. Then it will the time for mantones and shoes, for necklaces and earrings, fabrics, flowers and a long list of accesories forming the thread of the designer. After the success reached during the last edition, with more than 15'000 visitors, the well done job of the Division of the Models and Hostesses of the Galvez Group that allowed to consolidate a cultural event with an incredible impact on the craft industry and, of course on the Jerez brand.The Flamenco Catwalk of Jerez is back to be admired in La Atalaya, perfect and privileged, allowing to discover a lots of details.


From February 17. to 20.
Museum of La Atalaya
C/ Cervantes, 3 - 11403 Jerez - 956 182 100

Friday 18.
18.00 h. Margarita Freire
19.00 h. Adela Campos
20.00 h. Cristo Báñez
21.00 h. Flamenka

Saturday 19.
12.30 h. Amparo Macía (Children's fashion)
13.30 h. Ana Vidal
16.00 h. Pablo Vera and Rocío Domínguez
17.00 h. Ángeles Álvarez
18.00 h. Rocío Martín
19.00 h. Carmen Acedo
20.00 h. María José Collantes
21.00 h. Belulah

Sunday 20.
11.30 h. Competition of Novels
13.30 h. Eva Zamorano
17.00 h. Carmen Vega
18.00 h. Ana Ricardi
19.00 h. Merche Moy
20.00 h. Faly 'De la Feria al Rocío'


  • Aurelie

    Espero que sea tan bonito como los trajes de flamenca que he visto en el Simof en Sevilla.
  • Carla

    Yo sin duda pienso ir!!!
  • Eva

    Es cierto que si vives cerca no te lo puedes perder. Intentaré hacerle un hueco.

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