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Paco de Lucía makes speak his guitar and acts in the Axerquia Theatre.

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The mastery of Paco de lucia, the genius of the six strings, has been showed once again on the Tablas of the Axerquía Theatre on Saturday night. Once again, in Córdoba, we could enjoy the best artist that the flamenco gave until now.

Paco de Lucía ha realizado un repaso por los temas que lo encumbraron a la fama
Paco de Lucía

Los Genius exists, yes, Paco de Lucía succeeded in front of more than 4’000 people who were witnesses in the Axerquia Theatre, of how a genius makes vibrate and move everybody with his flamenco music. On Saturday Paco de Lucia has been immensurable, breaking down compositions that define him like creator and flamenco without name.

During the show, Paco de Lucia carried out a review of the themes which made him famous, and made closer the flamenco to the young people, his famous rumba “entre dos aguas” which remained during 20 weeks in the list of the Spanish successes. But he played hard to get. The guitarist played almost until the end, after he went out acclaimed by a public of all ages.

However, there were other themes, famous as well, contained in the last album published by the artist: “Cositas buenas”, which came out in 2’004. In all cases, it seams that Paco de Lucia is working on a new disc which will come out in 2’011. In the meantime, he has a nice repertory to go on. He will participate as well at the Festival of the flamenco guitar. Moreover, he has to realize a big tour this year and he will travel around Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland and Russia.

Little by little, the spectators came and applauded. An action they repeated several times when Farruco came to the scene and showed to the Axerquia what he knows to do on the Tablas of a stage. The end of a night, where the genius and the mastery of Paco de Lucia fully exceeded the previsions, has been done by the son of the dancer Farruco, who emulating his father danced some dances.


  • Jesus

    Paco de Lucía es el gran Maestro, el más grande. Es increible, espectacular, sensacional, grandioso, definitivamente es muy gratificante oirle y verle tocar ese instrumento entre sus manos virtuosas. Se atreve con todo, con esas fusiones del otro lado del charco como jazz, esos ritmos que él solo puede atreverse a tocar.
  • Anabel

    Puso en pie a todo el mundo, es un genio. Nos dejó a todos boquiabiertos, fascinados, alucinados.

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