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New disc of Miguel Poveda, "ArteSano"

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En este nuevo trabajo ha juntado a guitarristas cuya trascendencia se nos escapa: tocan con el muchacho Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Isidro Muñoz

"Ole, viva Cadiz", it is the first “jaleo” listened in the background of a deaf guitar.

Strums and his voice for the land like benediction:" Ay with the caray, caray, caray, these are the things that happen in Cai ".

Universal Music let us savouring just 48 seconds of “Qué disparate”, a step forward of what will be the next work of the flamenco singer Michael Poveda that with the title Artesano (craftsman) returns to the Flamenco courses, like gives us the recording, 48 seconds of art that let the amateur with the honey on the lips.

Return to flamenco with Cadiz very present.

And not only for the rhythmic bulerías but for the artists' list with which Poveda surrounds himself in this work that goes out to the light next 27 of March.

The masters Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Diego del Morao, Manuel Parrilla, Jose Quevedo Bolita, Isidro Muñoz and Jesus Guerrero (all from the province of Cadiz) and the flamenco singer Rancapino, who takes part in Qué disparate, they parade for topics of the disc that the Catalan singer will present on the  next 21st of July  in the bullring of Jerez, as it has been published in his web page. Other stops of the tour of the craftsman's presentation will be Malaga, on 24th of March, Barcelona, on 29th of March, Madrid, on 8th of May and Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) on 2d of June .

El próximo trabajo del cantaor Miguel Poveda que con el título ''arteSano'' regresa a los derroteros más flamencos

Miguel Poveda (Barcelona, 1973) has turned into one of the most fundamental artists of the current Flamenco.

With eight discs under the arm, his last work, Coplas del querer, enjoyed a big success from the public and the critic getting awards as the Golden disc and the Platinum disc and the best Flamenco disc in the Music Awards.


Now, with “Artesano”, as Universal Music reports, we find Poveda much more “flamenco”.

He had assembled thirteen singers who cross by "the best palos del flamenco" they describe in a note. And, though there will be necessary to wait until the 27th to listen to the complete work, on the 6th the commercial edition goes out to the sale of the e-single Qué disparate.


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