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Mario Pacheco died, the great promoter of the New Flamenco

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El productor musical y fotógrafo Mario Pacheco, fundador de la discográfica Nuevos Medios, falleció ayer en Madrid a los 60 años
Mario Pacheco

His record label, Nuevos Medios, was the launch platform of Pata Negra, Ketama or Ray Heredia. The musical producer and photographer, Mario Pacheco, founder of the record label, Nuevos Medios, died yesterday in Madrid, at the age of 60, after a long illness, a source from this fundamental universal record label from the national scene of the last three decades confirmed.
Born in Madrid, Pacheco was the president of the Independent Phonographic Union, the association that brings all the independent record companies. In the 70s, he joined the record company from Barcelona, Edigsa, while he did different phonographic jobs, like the picture that was used as front page of "La leyenda del tiempo", the mythical Camarón record.

Pacheco era actualmente el presidente de la Unión Fonográfica Independiente, la asociación que agrupa a las discográficas españolas independientes.
Mario Pacheco
 In 1982 he founded Nuevos Medios, a record label where they recorded, amongst others, La Mode, GolpesBajos and Kikí d'Akí, and that later served as a launch platform for the movement of the New Flamenco, with artists and bands like Ray Heredia, Ketama or Pata Negra. Martirio, Son de la Frontera, Dogo and Los Mercenarios, Diego Amador, Tabletom, El Combo Carles Benavent-Jorge Pardo-Tino di Geraldo or Vainica Doble, one of the rarest more exquisite of spanish pop music, are others of the artists that got the impulse of Pacheco, also responsible of the loss of prejudices in the dialogue between flamenco and rock.
He also took in, in his record company, other musical styles and his company was the way of distribution of some of the most important musical launches of the international jazz scene. In spite of his figure, that wasn´t recognised, he created one of these different companies that brought to Spain the most decisive musical tendencies and that broaden the limits of flamenco and pop.  Source:


  • Roberto

    Es una pena el fallecimiento tan prematuro de Mario Pacheco, el creador del sello discográfico Nuevos Medios.

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