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Flamenco flair activities for this summer

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With the arrival of summer come the vacations and the free time. What better idea than to take advantage of it by participating in all sorts of activities with some flamenco flair. Here are some of the things that you can spend your summer doing:


Intensive courses and flamenco lessons: 

This is the most obvious one but it is also the easiest due to the fact that almost any academy or studio offers, during the summer break, a wide variety of classes and courses. In fact, if you look closer you can find some imparted by some of the most recognized and prestigious choreographers and dancers with whom you will be able to learn about professional flamenco dancing and improve your technique while expanding your knowledge. Even if you are a begginer or flamenco dance is something you always wanted to do but never found the time to do it, now is the moment for it. Sign yourself up and try some classes while having a great time meeting new people. This classes are also for kids and adults of different levels you have no excuse. And if you need any skirts, dance shoes or any other accesory you can find a great selection in our web that will meet your requirements.


Some examples of courses:


  • Intensive courses: The intensive classes are a good way to enjoy your free time learning from some of the best flamenco artists. There is a big variety of courses focused in learning how to dance bulerías, spanish dance, how to play flamenco box or guitar, etc.

In our web you will find flamenco dresses and accesories for your classes



Flamenco camps:

Related to what was said before, there are summer camps that offer training in different techniques and flamenco styles. Kids and adults of all levels can learn and improve while chatting, playing games, and doing all sort of fun activities with other people. What better way to spend the summer than dancing.


  • Flamenco Workshop Miraflores 2017 in MadridYou could go to classes with some of the best professionals and the camp includes other activities like flamenco movies nights, visits to Miraflores and Madrid, hiking, horseriding, routes, climbing and spanish classes for foreigners.

  • II International Flamenco CampOrganized by the Andalucía Flamenco School in Iruela (Jaén), this camp offers as well side activities like tastings, visits, parades and awards ceremony, and, of course, an exhibition show created by teachers and students of the camp.

  • Flamenco Camp Malaga 2017: This one in particular is going to take place in Malaga and offers a complete inmersive experience of the flamenco world. 


Camps like the one in Miraflores are a good way to learn and have fun



If you are one of those that likes flamenco dance but prefers to watch it, then festivals and concerts are maybe your thing. Here are some of the most interesting ideas for this summer if you are planning to go to at least one:


  • Flamenco On Fire festival: This festival, which already is in its fourth edition, has become one of the most key events of the calendar for flamenco lovers. From the 22nd to the 27th of August, the northern city of Pamplona welcomes one more year an event that will receive a big number of incredible artists. This year people like Cañizares, Martirio, Pedro 'El Granaíno', Miguel Ángel Cortés, Carmen Linares, Arcángel, Jon Losada y Antonio Losada, Tomasito, Antonio Carmona o Miguel Poveda will be performing in the main auditorium of Baluarte, which will host five big shows, as well as Sala Zentral, that will include a big concert, and the Tres Reyes Hotel that will have a tablao in which the 'Night Cicle' will have place with six first class acts.

Flamenco On Fire festival has become a key event.

Flamenco parties:


The summer always is a perfect time for parties with friends and family, to enjoy dancing, eating, drinking and having fun. Here are some ideas if you want to host a thematic flamenco party yourself:


  • Remember to decorate the place in which you are going to celebrate the party so it has a flamenco touch. You can use flowers, lanterns, posters or even big personalized fans for the walls. You decide how to put it, just remember in flamenco parties everything is not enough.

  • Also, do not forget the music. There is a wide variety of flamenco singers that your guests will enjoy but mix it with modern singers too so the young ones feel also included.

  • With these high temperatures we should remember to use our fans too. It  is a really important accesory to have in order to survive the heat, and besides, it also is very versatile since you can use it for decorating walls, tables or even as a party favor for your guests. You can personalized them to make it more fun or everyone can use the same if you are celebrating a bachelorette party.

  • Last but not least, remember to prepare typical flamenco dishes to give the party a bigger flamenco flair. For example, you can cook andalusian gazpacho, very nutritious, fresh an easy to make and pair it with a stew, don't forget the seafood and the fried fish. And top it with a drink like rebujito, a classic summer and fresh beverage very common in Andalucía. Your guests will love it.


The flamenco dresses and skirts are essential for a folkloric flair for your party.

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