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Flamenco Feria in Buenos Aires

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Conferences, exhibitions, film, gastronomy and over thirty artists participate in the first edition of the Feria Flamenca de Buenos Aires...

Between April 29th and May 2nd the first edition of the Buenos Aires Flamenco Feria will take place in Tattersall. Over thirty artists, both Spanish and Argentine, make up the performance program, the highlights of which include Diego Amador's concer and the closing performance in which Argentina's most important flamenco artists will perform together for the first time. The feria will also include a cinema cycle including films by director Pilar Távora, Paco Sánchez's photography exhibition "El color del baile flamenco" (The Color of Flamenco Dance), conferences, a gastronomy section and guitar, dance and percussion workshops.

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Photo by Pepe Gil Paradas on Flickr.



  • coumba ngom

    Holà ! me gustaria que me envie el programa de ferias 2012 que no encontro en esta pagina,por favor. un saludo

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