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Diego "El Cigala": Flamenco and tango are soul musics, we are discovering that on the eighth album of "Cigala & Tango"

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"Cigala&Tango", que se pone a la venta el próximo 20 de junio, es el octavo disco de la carrera de Diego "El Cigala"
Diego El Cigala
"Cigala&Tango" will be available next June 20. It is the eighth album of Diego "El Cigala", counting on the collaboration of Andrés Calamaro and musicians such as Néstor Marconi and Juanjo Domínguez.With this new album "Cigala&Tango", Diego "El Cigala" assume the Argentin flamenco tradition, especially when he sings the eleven hard tangos, an album defined like "soul music" by the artist and that rised during a night shared with the Argentin audience when he was singing "Garganta con arena"."Flamenco and tango are different but you can get a great mix with these two different musical types, because we are talking about a music coming from the soul, a magical kind of music", says Diego "El Cigala". Next Sunday the musician will publish the live CIgala&Tango, recorded in Buenos Aires, with the collaboration of a lot of Argentin musicians such as Calamaro.The new work of "El Cigala" (Madrid, 1968) is made up of eleven classical tango themes, to which the artist is giving a flamenco touch, recorded during his show last April 29. in the mythical Grand Rex of Buenos Aires. Among these songs you'll find themes like "El día que me quieras", "Sus ojos se cerraron" or "Tomo y obligo".. 
En su nuevo disco "Cigala&Tango", Diego "El Cigala" viste la tradición argentina de flamenco al interpretar los once tangos que le han hecho "más daño"
Diego El Cigala
Thus, after betting on the boleros for his previous album "Lágrimas negras", with the collaboration of Bebo Valdés, Diego "El Cigala" investigates the Argentin musical culture. According to the artist "you can sing the tango in a lot of ways, mixing it with the flamenco, because we are talking about real musics".The idea of this plan rised up for the first time when he was travelling through Buenos Aires, three or four years ago, where he had the opportunity to know about tango. "We gave me an anthology of Gardel and then I started to think about it. As soon as I had the possibility to go into tango in depth I start with the plan", said the singer.These themes are classical ones, the people like them a lot. Diego "El Cigala" admits that he only knew some of them before, like "Nostalgia" and "El día que me quieras". According to the artist, the first approach was given by his uncle Rafael Farina. Next Juen 22. he will start his tour accross the United States (New York and Miami) and Canada but also accross Europe, performing in SPain, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium among others.


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    did he perform already in New YOrk City? if not can you please give me the dates

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