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Day 14 of the Jerez Festival: Encarnación Marín, Rafael Estévez, Nani Paños, Antonio Reyes & Rancapino

To close the Con Nombre Propio: Vivencias cycle, Encarnación Marín “La Sallago” was interviewed by the journalist Alberto García Reyes, a flamenco writer for the ABC newspaper. Marín is one of flamenco’s living legends. At the age of 91, she has no problem showing off her jovial side as a singer who has lived unforgettable artistic experiences.

From an early age, Marín exhibited an innate artistic talent, which let her to tour Spain with her prodigious voice and share stages with the biggest names in flamenco history: Pepe Pinto, Nina de los Peines, Caracol, El Perrate, La Paquera and Camarón. Her career is one of the longest lasting in flamenco history.

Rafael Estévez and Nani Paños, return to Jerez with their company Dos Pormedio and the show “Sonata,” a production that debuted two years ago with which their intention is to recuperate this modality, danced for the first time in 1952, like the Escuela Bolera solo, by Antonio el Bailarín in the film “Duende y Misterio del Flamenco” by Edgar Neville.

This show combines Spanish dance, the escuela bolera style and classical flamenco, but they don’t fuse in a natural or fluid manner. A total of eleven dancers make up the production’s cast, with the incredible dancer Rubén Olmo standing out from all of the rest.

The flamenco songs from Cádiz and its port cities were performed by Alonso Núñez “Rancapino”, a veteran singer with an extraordinary sense of rhythm, and Antonio Reyes, who is one of flamenco songs up-and-coming stars. Both singers are representative of the essence of flamenco song from Chiclana. With Fernando Moreno on the guitar for Rancapino and Antonio Higuero playing for Reyes, the Los Apóstoles wine cellar came alive with traditional music.

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