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Cecilia Gomez starts her show 'Cayetana' with the Alba family.

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Cecilia Gomez estrena el espectáculo 'Cayetana' con la asistencia de Los Alba
Cecilia Gomez
After a long wait, Cecilia Gómez first flamenco show "Cayetana, su pasión" finally has its start in Madrid. This is an artistic work created in honour of Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, a luxury and spectacular show, success of the media, that started last Thursday in the mythical Gran Via of Madrid. A lot of famous were there and also the main character, Doña Cayetena, with her sons Cayetano and Fernando Martinez de Irujo and his inseparable Carmen Tello or Alfonso Díez. Fran Rivera, the ex boyfriend of Cecilia Gómez was there with his brother, Julian Contreras. It was clear for Cecilia that her first show would be dedicated to the aristocrat, because the Duquesa de Alba is real and genuine flamenco, from top to toe.
Cecilia Gomez estrena su espectáculo 'Cayetana'
Cecilia Gomez during her show 'Cayetana'
"Cayetana, su pasión" looks over the Duquesa artistic interests: the bulls, the painting or the dance for example. This project counts on the support of Antonio Canales, performing Enrique "el cojo", Jesus Quintero and his voice for the poems or Victorio and Lucchino in charge of the wardrobe. Doña Cayetana has also taken part in this project, supervising the script and coming to the rehearsals. Cayetana was the matron of honor of this work. Famous like David Meca, José María García, Carmen Lomana, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Rosa Benito and her husband, Amador Mohedano, and her daughter, Chayo, among others, were there to attend the expected flamenco staging of the young bailaora.


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