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Best tips to survive the Feria de Abril

1. Meet some local people

If you meet somebody from the area, not only you will have a local guide but also a host that would help you get inside the private booths, which are the real essence of the fiesta. However, if it is not the case and you don't know anyone, you can also visit any of the 16 public stalls located inside the fair. They all have free entry and, even though the environment inside them is not as authentic, you can still have fun and enjoy the party.


2. The fair starts with a fried fish dinner and the lighting of the entrance

Don't miss any of this two moments. In the spectacular entrance lighting they are used 250.000 light bulbs and it is done at 12.00 at night. Also, this day is called the Fried Fish Monday, because afterwards it is traditional to eat fried fish cooked in the typical andalusian way.




3. Most important days of the fair

The most important days of la Feria de Abril are Tuesday to Thursday. On the weekend a lot of locals travel to the nearest coast to rest and let the foreigners to enjoy their fiesta as well. 


4. Dress formally

If it is the first time you go to the event and you don't have a flamenca dress or suit, don't worry. Dress elegant and use accesories like flowers on the hair, shawls, fans, etc, to give yourself a special touch. Never dress casual. The locals are very serious about their fair and the way you dress up its very important. 


5. El Rebujito

This is the most typical drink of the fair. It is made with a mix of fino sherry and either 7Up or Sprite. It actually is very refreshing and its good to cool yourself down, but be careful because you can end up really drunk very fast, since its an easy beverage to have.

6. Fireworks

One of the biggest moments of the fair are the fireworkds to close the fiesta on the last day. If you want to watch properly the fireworks castle go to el Muelle de las Delicias, that is the best place for it.



7. Enjoy the days...

For a first time visit, we recommend you to go to the fair during the day and sometime in the middle of the week. You'll enjoy the locals show, their arrivals to the fair riding a horse or in a horse carriage and dressed with the traditional costumes. Also you can see the art of Sevilla and how they dance and party.


8. And nights

After 8.00 pm the fair transforms itself. The drinks start flowing, people claps to the sound of the loud music, the compound is illuminated with thousands of light bulbs and young adults start their personal party.

9. Find a good place to meet

Everybody tends to meet always in the entrance, hence why it always becomes really difficult to find anyone. Choose a different place to meet with friends, like, for example, the door of a specific booth.  

10. Learn to dance sevillanas

If you want to inmerse yourself into the actual environment of the fair, learn to dance sevillanas and share some dances with the locals. 

11. Find a map

It is actually a really big compound full of booths and streets that are very similar. Find a map of the place, you'll need it to know where you are at all times. 


12. Wear comfortable shoes that you do not mind messing with

The floor is covered of albero, a special orange sand that is really effective when it rains but gets your shoes really dirty. Besides, you are gonna walk and dance a lot, so always use comfortable shoes. 


13. Gastronomy

Don't forget to try the andalusian gastronomy, it is incredibly rich. And, of course, taste the rebujito, that will also help you to get your food down. 

14. Public transport

The fair has a pretty big parking space but it is never enough, there is always a lot of people that wants to have a place. Use the public transport, you will thank it later. This year, however, be aware because it has been said that there is a possibility of a metro strike during those days. Keep that in mind when choosing how to go to the fair. 


15. The things from Hell

That is how the fair rides are called. It is related to the fact that apparently they create such a big amount of noise it always seems like Hell. In fact, that's how the area where the attractions are located its commonly known. Anyway, enjoy the party and the fun rides. 

16. Fritters and churros with chocolate

At dawn visit the gypsies booths to try the fritters and hot churros with chocolate. There is not better way to recover from a night of partying.


17. Be careful with pickpockets

It is common sense, but it never hurts to remember that in every place where a lot of people congregates its easier for pickpockets to try and steal things. Watch your stuff at all times and never take out valuable items.

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