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And...the end of the classes arrived!

Summer is here and with it comes the end of year for most dance schools. As always is time to prepare everything so everything comes out perfectly. In Flamencoexport we have a wide variety of products that could be useful if you are a student in the show that each year every dance academy or school prepares in this time of the year. Also, if you are a teacher and you are looking for clothes and accesories for your choreography to be spectacular, in our web you will find what you are searching for. Here we will show you a list of some of the most useful and comfortable products, perfect for ocassions like this:


  • Fans


We have a large selection of fans of all kinds and sizes, for adults and kids, that will make your choreography more spectacular and colourful. You can find them with all sorts of styles, elegants, with pollka dots and prints, in diferent colours, and, if you want to be original you can buy our special DIY fans



  • Castanets


Another essential accesory to complement the dances are the castanets. They have a vibrant sound and in our web you can find them in different materials, specially made for all sorts of learning levels, sizes and several prices. Take advantage of them and make a party out of your dance using this beautiful and harmonious musical instrument.



Flamenco skirts

Skirts are one of the most important elements of a flamenco dance. In our web you can find them in all sorts of colours, sizes, for kids and adults, etc. We have a wide selection, all of them artisanal and made with the highest quality materials. Besides, they can be custom made if needed. 



Flamenco shoes


Every person that is involved in flamenco needs good shoes, the most important part of any dance. We offer a great variety of them for women and men, made in several materials, with or without nails, specifically made for the different learning levels of the students, and most important, comfortable and practical. In our page we sell all sorts of shoes from highly recognized and qualified brands, who make this footwear with the highest quality standards. And, of course, we also provide replacement nails to change them when needed.



  • Flamenco dance suits

For those who are looking for the full outfit, in Flamencoexport we have also all sorts of flamenco dance suits, beautiful, economic, useful and perfect for any end of the year show. If you want your students to dress like professionals, this can be a really good option. 



  • Accesories


To complete the look, the accesories are an important part of it all. They bring colour, brightness and makes the dancers to stand out, be part of a group but at the same time show their own personality.


  • Guadalupe

    Fabulosos vestidos , me encantaría poder comprar desde mi país

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