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51th Edition of Cante de las Minas

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Arranca la 51º Edicion del Cante de las Minas.
51º Edición Cante de las Mina

 The Union "Ciudad minera y flamenca". That's the way The Union greets its visitors when they get to the frontier of the municipal territory. And since tuesday, the 2nd of August till the next 13th, a longer period than before, its streets, its people, its Public Market, will take in, in the miner mountain the best
flamenco of this country, in the 51st edition of the Cante Festival of "Cante de las Minas".

On the second of august, the first activities will take place, always free, of the cultural agenda prepared by the Town Hall. The "Cante de las Minas" museum, located in the "Casa de Piñón",  will be open to the public and will inagurate the "II Jornadas Gatronómicas Flamencas", and a photographic exhibition about the "Inolvidables del Flamenco". All this to heat motors until the official start of the Festival, on the 4th.

With the opening speech of Carlos Herrera, the first performances of this 2011 will be held by the winners of the competition of last year: Miguel Ortega, (Lámpara Miner), Francisco Moncayo (Bordón Minero), Jesús Fernández (Desplante) and Abdón Alcara (Filón).
The entry to the Public Market the first day will be free.
One lighted the carbides in the Cante Cathedral, the Flamenco will flow amongst the village easily.

51º Edicion del Cante de las Minas.
Cante de las Minas Agenda 2011.

Enjoying the cultural agenda at any time of day, the nights shine with the following actions:
At the gala Flamenca in August, the 5th, the singer will present his show Huelva Pitingo "Olé and amen," the title of their third album which mixes typical flamenco rhythms with melodies of soul music.
That same day, the festival will pay tribute to singer Enrique Morente Granada, who died recently. His name will be the first to be recorded in the so-called "Avenue of Flamenco", a walk of stars dedicated to the art to be opened during this edition.
On the 6th of august, will be the turn of singer Estrella Morente Granada, with her show "In Concert". The singer Alejandro Sanz also attend the festival that day to collect the prize Castillete Gold, the highest distinction of the competition.

The next day will be the chef Ferran Adria who collect the same award. The show will start with the flamenco dancer Farruquito of Seville, with his show "Pure flamenco".
On August, the 8th, the guitarist José Fernández Torres "Tomatito", will present his work "Guiding Light," a work dedicated to the singer Camarón de la Isla, who played together for over twenty years.
At the same gala will also serve the dancer and choreographer Blanca del Rey, who announced his farewell to the stage with the show entitled "The Loneliness of the shawl."
The Golden Castillete that day will be granted posthumously to flamenco singer Antonio Grau Mora, better known as "Red the Alpargatero" and considered the great patriarch of the songs miners who died in 1907.
The Madrid singer Diego El Cigala will star in the gala final, on the 9th of August, with his work "Flamenco".
From 10 to 12 this month, the festival will continue its competition phase, which involved 200 artists in the categories of dance, singing, guitar and other instruments.
Participants highlighted the presence of American dancer Laskshimi Basile "La Chimi" which has been selected from California. In addition, four children will compete this year, guitarist Juan Luis Campos "El Poti" and the singers Ana Celia Mochón and Romero, all of 16 years, and also singer Beatriz Romero, 15.
The grand finale of the contest will be Saturday August 13th, when the awards will be given. The jury will consist of the singer Encarnación Fernández, flamenco and Francisco Paredes Francisco Severo, journalist and critic Antonio Parra, and the dancer Clotilde Corvi.

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