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2017 Flamenca dresses trends

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La Feria the Abril is getting closer and closer, therefore, for everyone who is thinking about going but doesn't know what to wear during those days, here it goes a list of the new 2017 trends, and what you will be able to find in our store of Flamencoexport.


  • The urban flamenca style will be a point to highlight this year and it will be seen in all shorts of shirts, jackets, pants, etc.
  • The sleeves will be the biggest protagonists this season. This year they have become the main and most important part of the flamenca dresses, and most of them are created in a big size so they are striking and seemed like a distintion sign.



  • The polka dots will continue to be an important part of the new dresses, even though this year there will be different combinations of sizes, colours and designs. 


  • Blue, mint green and yellow: these will be some of the colours that will stand out this year and will become an alternative of the classic red. Yellow is also specially suitable for tanned people.



  • The floral patterns will become also, this year, one of the most important points. There will be diffent designs with gradients, patterns and colours.

  • A high waist line with frills with a big fall will also be relevant factors. Materials like knit fabrics, lycra, silk and gauze will also be used in this types of dresses. Also, some of the dresses will have a lot of volume.


  • Fringes will become the main thing this season. They will not be exclusively an element used in accesories, but they will be a very important part of sleeves, shirts, tops and flamenca dresses in general.


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