Charming Mayte Martin at the the Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival

On the 16th of February, the Catalan singer Mayte Martin opened the second night of the Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival accompanied by guitarist Juan Ramón Caro. The magnificent flamenco singer was even more affable than usual, joking with the audience and creating a welcoming, cozy environment, even though the concert took place in the enormous Circo Price Theatre in Madrid, which is in actuality a circus ring.

Shortly after taking the stage, an audience member shouted effusively “¡Guapa!” (Beautiful), to which Martin responded, “You’re not half bad either.” After singing several numbers, another spectator yelled “You sing better every day.” And Martin quipped, “She said it, but I know you were all thinking it.” They were both probably right. Martin presented an almost impeccable concert. Only when she began to sing a garrotín did she have to stop a few seconds so that the guitarist could adjust the key, and despite the rocky start, the garrotín was one of the evening’s most evocative pieces...


Martin’s gorgeous guajira and the bulería, that closed her half of the show, were another two pieces well worth mention. The truth is that every palo that Martin sang was skillfully performed, making evident her enviable voice control. Although it wouldn’t be described as “jondo” singing, Martin contributes an elegant and highly feminine style of singing with her delicate yet powerful voice.

And to top it all off, she said goodbye with another joke that charmed the audience, “I was planning on performing a trapeze act, but I’m not feeling that well.”


Text and photos by Justine Bayod Espoz

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