Manuel Salado

Manuel Salado

Manuel Salado is a percussionist who has a long musical career trajectory behind him.

Manuel Salado was born in Sevilla 1955, is a percussionist who has a long musical career trajectory behind him. He studied Percussion in the Real Conservatorio Superior de Musica (Royal Superior Music Conservatory) in Madrid, and he worked for many years as a session musician, playing the drum kit and percussion instruments as he accompanied first-rate artists.

He has worked with figures of the stature of María Pagés, Carmen Linares, Rafael Riqueni, Raimundo Amador, Paco Jarana and Eva La Yerbabuena. Moreover, he has been the producer of flamenco records by great artists such as Luis Amaya, El Príncipe Gitano, Juan Villar, Chano Lobato and José Parra. He has also played, both live and on records, with orchestras such as the Orquestra Bética, the Orquesta Andalusí and the London Royal Philarmonic.

He currently works in his own recording studio, "Valencina Records", in which he puts together productions that are of great interest for the world of music, dancing and singing. Among these products, the one which stands out is El baile flamenco, a dance teaching method that was created and developed by Manuel Salado himself.

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