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Mario Cortés - Flamenco Cajon

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Mario Cortes cajones charasteristics.


World Soul

30cm width.

It has a "wooden" sound. It is not very deep neither very high.



30cm width

The sound is very different from the one of the World Soul.

The deep is deepless and the high is higher.

Require less strengh, the cover is softer.




30cm width.

The sound is "wood". It is the World Soul's brother.

The deep sound is deeper than the one of the World soul. The high is the same than the World Soul.

The cover is the same than the one of the World Soul.

This is a cajon for men. The punch has to be strong.



31.5cm width.

It is the oldest brother of the Exotic, but it has a different sound because of the cover, it is rosewood.

The deep is the same than the World Soul, but it is more sophisticated, smater.

Higher, but not strident, very nice, dryer.


Black and White

It is the most popular cajon, men are use to like it.

It is deeper and higher than the World Soul.

This cajon is for people who knows cajones.



Excellent quality price relationship.

The deep is the same than the World Soul, but the sound is nicer.

It is a strong cajon (not soft). It is a powerful cajon, but less than the Paradisso.



Kongo Bass

32cm width and deeper. It is the biggest cajon.

Superior range cajon. It is for professional.

The deep sound is immense and long. The high sound is more intense  than the World Soul.

It is the deepest after the Paradisso.



32cm width.

This cajon is the best, regarding the design and the sound.

It has the same deep than the Kongo Bass, but the high is nicest than the Kongo Bass.