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Estrella Morente

Estrella morente was born in Granada, Spain, in a family of flamenco singers and guitarists. She is the daughter of one of the greatest flamenco singers, Enrique Morente, and of the flamenco dancer Aurora Carbonell. Estrella Morente has spent her life in an authentic flamenco and musical environment.
She started as a flamenco singer (cantaora) at the age of 17. Her songs blend traditional and more unconventional flamenco. From early on in her career she started attracting the attention of stars like Lenny Kravitz and also that of flamenco experts and purists. Her voice, her rhythm, her enthusiasm, her intelligence and her dedication have also been noticed by the major music journals.

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  • Mi cante y un poema - Estrella Morente
    Flamenco singer Estrella Morente (Granada, 1980) is -quite literally in her native tongue- a star. And a star with impeccable flamenco connections too; her father and musical mentor is legendary singe…
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    Mi cante y un poema - Estrella Morente
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  • Mujeres - Estrella Morente
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    Mujeres - Estrella Morente
  • Casacueva y Escenario - Estrella Morente - Dvd - Pal
    Estrella Morente, the artist from Granada, is introducing her first DVD "Casacueva y Escenario", live recorded in the Alhambra and in the Albaicin cave, DVD recorded during the concert performance, a …
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    Enrique Morente comes with this album ‘La Estrella’ which is one of the best album of flamenco singing. It is with his magic flamenco voice that he sings. He is undoubtly the best flamenco singer of t…
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    La estrella - Enrique Morente
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    If you like rumba, flamenco, sevillanas and copla, this is your compilation. Is a simple disc that includes the most popular songs. 21 essential songs. Some of the included artists are Estrella…
    16'95 €
    Radiolé Alégrate (O.S.T)
  • The 100 best flamenco sings and "toques"
    Universal Music presents the definitive compilation for flamenco lovers and amateurs.A smart box with 5 Cds to listen to the best of our music.The famous musicologist and flamenco professor Faustino …
    25'95 €
    The 100 best flamenco sings and
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